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Getting New Therapy Clients with Online Quizzes

2020 was a difficult year for many people, including therapists who owned private practices. Many therapists weren’t ready to attract and treat new patients online exclusively, and now the way we do business has changed forever. Growing your mental health private practice has changed too. In this post, we will review how you can get new therapy clients with our SEO strategy: Creating online quizzes.

Online quizzes are rarely used by mental health professionals, but they should be. In this post, we will dissect questions you may have about building an online quiz, how it generates leads, as well as examples that you can emulate.

What are Online Mental Health Quizzes?

Online quizzes are a series of questions that help reveal information to a quiz-taker. In the scope of a mental health or medical professional, an online quiz is created to help a patient get information about a condition they may have. These don’t need to be diagnostic tools, simply a tool that helps a sufferer educate themselves and take the next step to recovery.

Why Online Quizzes for your Practice?

Now that we know what an online quiz is in relation to your private practice, let’s go into why online quizzes. Here are some top reasons mental health quizzes are great for your practice:

1) An online mental health quiz helps patients learn about themselves and their struggles

An online quiz is great for providing an interactive way your patients can learn about their potential condition.

2) An online mental health quiz helps drive quality visitors to your website who need your services

An online quiz is great for getting your site ranked for quality search terms your patients are using on Google. Searches like “Do I have (condition)” and “(condition) quiz” can help you get in front of thousands of potential patients.

3) An online mental health quiz can generate new leads for you to contact

Using an online quiz, you can collect key information like their name, phone number, and email address before they submit their quiz results. This can help you bring in quality leads of people who need important services that you offer.

4) An online mental health quiz positions you as an expert

Another reason online mental health quizzes are great for your practice is that they show potential patients that you’re an expert and that you treat their condition. To effectively target a condition, you need content on your website. Quizzes are a great complimentary piece of content that can actually generate new leads if built correctly.

How to Create a Quiz

In this section, we will review all the steps it takes to build a great quiz.

  1. Research topics that your patients are searching for
  2. Create questions that can help answer an outcome, like “Do I have anxiety
  3. Assign a point value to each question
  4. Create ranges of scores that provide various outcomes to a patient’s responses
  5. Create a new webpage on your WordPress site
  6. Write about 500 to 1000 words of copy about the subject your quiz is on
  7. Create a quiz using “Quiz and Survey Master” plugin
  8. In this plugin, make sure you set up a form to collect important information like name, phone number, and quiz for quiz takers to provide you
  9. Post this quiz on the page you created in step 5 above
  10. Publish this quiz and push it out to your audience via social media, emails, and SEO (which will take time to be pushed out by Google)

This process takes about 4 hours to accomplish and can be replicated as much as you’d like.

What Kind of Mental Health Practice Quizzes can I Create?

You can create several different types of quizzes that drive quality patients to your website. Here are a few examples of online quizzes TherapyByPro has built to target mental health conditions:

It’s important that the quizzes you create target popular search terms that your patients search for. Your quizzes can answer the question “Do I have _______” or include the word “quiz” or “test” in them. Be sure to use your expertise in creating resources that your potential patients could benefit from.

Best Tool to Create Quizzes

We highly using WordPress for your website. Once you have a WordPress website, we highly recommend “Quiz and Survey Master” to build quizzes. This tool is great because you can build a variety of quizzes at no cost to you. There are no limits on the number of quizzes you can create.

Final Thoughts on Getting new Therapy Clients with Quizzes

Thank you for reading our post on Getting New Therapy Clients with Quizzes! TherapyByPro is an online mental health directory that connects mental health pros with clients in need. If you’re a mental health professional, you can Join our community and add your practice listing here. We have assessments, practice forms, and worksheet templates mental health professionals can use to streamline their practice. View all of our mental health forms, worksheet, and assessments here.

Anthony Bart
Author: Anthony Bart

Anthony Bart is a huge mental health advocate. He has primarily positioned his marketing expertise to work with mental health professionals so that they can help as many patients as possible. He is currently the owner of BartX, TherapistX, and TherapyByPro.

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