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Writing Submission Guidelines for Mental Health Professionals

Why Write for TherapyByPro?

How to Get Published on TherapyByPro

To get blogs published on TherapyByPro, please follow the steps below in this order:

  1. Register an account here
  2. Create a listing here (for mental health professionals only)
  3. Submit your blog here or email us at info @

Before submitting your writing, article, or story for publication on our website, please read and follow all the guidelines below:

You must:

  • Be a mental health professional
  • Have a listing on TherapyByPro
  • Be verified on TherapyByPro (we verify all listing submissions)

Your article must:

  • Provide value to patients
  • Be 100% original content (not taken from anywhere else)
  • Be related to mental health
  • Be easy to read
  • Be at least 1500 words
  • Not be overly self-promoting
  • Not include profanity or other graphic content
  • Include any references or citations used
  • Organize your ideas by using subtitles and paragraphs split up so they are readable.
  • Be grammatically correct
  • Be written in English

Other Guidelines:

  • You must be an approved member and have an active listing on to write for us
  • This is not a paid position
  • You must be allowed to submit your piece of writing to us
  • Include only 1 link to your business’ website

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot reply to every email. If you follow the above guidelines and your topic is unique, there’s a good chance we will publish it.

What to Write About?

You can write about anything you’d like as long as it:

  1. Is written for patients or potential patients
  2. Is specific to a condition, therapy treatment, or other topic in mental health
  3. Offers support, encouragement, and/or practical advice
  4. Relates to mental/spiritual health

Other Options:

  • Provide recent news on therapies or conditions you treat
  • Be thought provoking
  • Tell a captivating story
  • Provide tips to overcome
  • Provide treatment options for specific conditions

Specific Topics We Are Looking For:

We are looking specifically for resources about every possible mental health condition so that patients can find information they need about their struggles. An example would be: Generalized Anxiety Treatment

Sample Writing Structure

We highly recommend that you follow a writing structure similar to this:

  1. Title: Generalized Anxiety Treatment: Learn About Generalized Anxiety
  2. Intro paragraph
  3. Subtitle: What is Generalized Anxiety?
  4. Paragraph(s)
  5. Subtitle: Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety
  6. Paragraph / list of symptoms
  7. Subtitle: Treatment Options
  8. SubSubtitle: Option 1
  9. Paragraph
  10. SubSubtitle: Option 2
  11. Paragraph
  12. SubSubtitle: Option 3
  13. Paragraph
  14. Subtitle: Final thoughts on Generalized Anxiety Disorder

What Does Being a Writer at Mean?

  • We live our lives with integrity and honesty
  • We strive to make our world a better place each day
  • We provide value to those who read our articles
  • We have expertise and experience that need to be shared with the world

Submit Your Posts

If you followed the instructions above and are a verified member of, please sign and and submit your post here.

If you don't have an account, please join our community by submitting a listing here. After your listing has been approved, we'd love to discuss topics to write about with you.

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