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TherapyByPro was created to connect individuals in need with licensed professionals and to help mental health professionals better serve their clients. Browse our free directory of mental health pros or find mental health resources to help streamline your practice and enable your clients to overcome.

How TherapyByPro Works

Step 1

Find A Mental Health Pro

Finding a mental health pro has never been so easy! Search by specialization, zip code, city, or location to find therapists near you.

Step 2

Connect and Schedule

Once you find a mental health pro that you want, reach out! Send them a message to let them know you're interested.

Step 3

Healing Begins

Getting well isn't a task you have to take on by yourself. Professionally licensed therapists are here to help you overcome and be your best you.

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Worksheets to Streamline Your Mental Health Practice

trusted worksheets

Trusted By Mental Health Pros

More than 5,000 mental health pros around the world trust TherapyByPro. We love making your job just a little bit easier on you.

prfessionally designed worksheets>

Professionally Designed

Our worksheets are professionally designed. Each worksheet is in PDF format, which can be edited (text), filled, and printed.

no membership fees

No Memberships Fees

We don't do memberships: If you need one worksheet or many, once you make a purchase, you are licensed forever to use.

we care about you

We Care About You & Your Clients

We listen to mental health pros and their needs. We want to help as many mental health pros as possible. We value your feedback!

Know what you need? Search for mental health worksheets here:

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