Learn About Different Types of Phobias

Learn about different types of phobias and treatment options for each.

Overcoming Fear of Vomiting Emetophobia

Fear of Vomiting: Emetophobia

Most people don’t enjoy vomiting. It’s often categorized as strange and gross, but most people go on with their lives after they endure a short time of vomiting. However, some […] Read More

Fear of Needles Phobia Trypanophobia

Fear of Needles Phobia: Trypanophobia

The fear of needles is an extreme fear of medical procedures used in injections or hypodermic needles. Younger children can be especially susceptible to fearing needles because they are not […] Read More

Cockroach Phobia Katsaridaphobia

Cockroach Phobia: Katsaridaphobia

Cockroaches are built to last. They can go days on end without eating and can withstand 2000 times the radiation levels humans can. A scary thought for those suffering from […] Read More

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