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Social Anxiety Disorder Test

I worry that people in a group setting will notice when I am experiencing symptoms of anxiety like shaking, sweating, blushing, or stumbling over my words

I avoid social situations because I have fear or feel anxiety around other people

I get very nervous when I have to get in front of a group, whether speaking up in a meeting or presenting to a group

I am very conscious of my actions when I'm in a social setting because I fear I might offend someone or that I could be rejected

I find that my home life, social life, and work life are affected by my anxiety

I avoid situations or feel uncomfortable when I don't know people well

I find that I get more worried about being in social situations than I should be given the dangers posed

I feel like others are negatively evaluating me during social situations

I feel anxious or uncomfortable before I go into social situations

I find it easy to imagine others judging me in a social setting

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