Bulimia Test

I find myself on a strict diet after eating too much

At first I feel relieved after eating too much, but then I despise myself for not being able to control my eating

I find myself eating more than normal when I'm not hungry

I purge by using diuretics, laxatives, or by vomiting after eating too much

I feel unhappy about the shape of my body

I try to eat alone because I am ashamed of how I eat

I find myself thinking about losing weight

I exercise to the point of exhaustion to burn extra calories that I've consumed

I feel sad or depressed because I don't have control over my eating

I find myself concerned over gaining weight

I find myself losing control of my eating when I'm angry, nervous, or annoyed

I find that my life is a cycle of losing control and eating too much and dieting to lose weight

When I start binge eating, I eat so much that I feel uncomfortably full

I find myself not being able to stop myself from eating large amounts of food very quickly

I believe that body shape is the most important factor in one's image

After I eat too much, I make myself vomit

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