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Borderline Personality Disorder Test

I feel empty often

I often engage in risky behaviors like: driving recklessly, unsafe sex, or spend money recklessly

I often feel like I have a hard time controlling my anger

I have tried or have threatened to harm myself in the past

I often change how I look at my self and my life, and completely change my goals, what I value, and my career focus

I am often afraid that others will abandon me so I make frantic efforts to avoid being abandoned

I've found that my mood can shift dramatically between periods of anxiety, depression, or irritability in a few hours or a few days

I feel like my relationships are often unstable, one moment idealizing someone and then suddenly believing the person doesn't care about me or is cruel

I feel like my romantic relationships are very intense but not very stable

My feelings for others, especially those I care about, can shift dramatically and without warning

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