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There are foods that will cause me to gag or vomit involuntarily if I try them

I eat far fewer foods than my peers do

I eat very specific foods and I'm not willing to eat something that is similar or comparable if my specific food is unavailable

I feel nervous of foods that I have not tried before because I may not like them

I am embarrassed eating around others who are not aware of my situation

I find myself avoiding social settings where food is present

I consider myself to be a “picky eater”

I sometimes won’t eat a food because I am worried it will make me sick to my stomach

I am considered a “picky eater” by friends or family

I have phases where I will eat a food exclusively for a period of time and then won't eat that food again after I get tired of it

I continue to eat less and less types of food as I get older

My parents regularly express concern about my eating habits

When I see others eating foods that I am not willing to eat, it does not help me or encourage me to try them

I won’t eat many foods because of the way they look

My pickiness with food has hurt my health

I won’t eat many foods because of their texture

I won’t eat many foods because of the way they smell

I would rather go hungry than eat a food that I am unsure about or that is not acceptable to me

I won’t eat many foods because they taste bad to me (while many people like them)

I am not that interested in food or in eating generally

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