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Anorexia Test

It takes long for me to eat than others

I am scared of being overweight

I find myself cutting my food into small pieces before I eat

I eat large amounts of food in a short period of time with little control of stopping myself

I think about burning as many calories as possible when I exercise

I avoid food that has high levels of carbohydrates

I look up the calorie content to food that I eat

I make myself vomit after eating

My mind is busy thinking about and desiring to be thin

I eat diet and low fat foods

When I'm hungry, I avoid eating

I like my stomach to be empty

I think about food more than other people

My loved ones tell me that they want me to eat more

I feel guilty after eating

I am consumed with thinking about the fat on my body

I avoid foods with high sugar when possible

People tell me that I'm too thin

I weigh myself and measure certain body parts obsessively

Food controls many aspects of my life

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