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Today more than ever, strong mental health is critically important. Our mission is to connect patients of all stripes and backgrounds with the best mental health professionals across the United States. Help us break down barriers to mental health care.

You can also support us by purchasing our mental health editable templates for your practice.

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Help us support patients with specific mental health needs searching for mental health care in underserved areas of the United States.

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Help us support therapists by multiplying their efforts to reach patients with specific needs across underserved areas.

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We don't charge therapists or patients to use our technology. We rely on ads and donations to fund our web hosting, maintenance, and upgrades.

About TherapyByPro

TherapyByPro is a community built for strengthening mental health across all genders, races, and cultures. We have a passion for improving all things mind, body, and spirit. We believe the need for mental health treatment has never been greater. We created TherapyByPro with a few top goals in mind:

  • To eliminate negative stigma associated with getting professional mental health counseling
  • To further break down barriers for patients to find therapists and other mental health professionals who meet their specific needs
  • To highlight and lift up mental health professionals so that they can help patients with any issue that they may be going through

We're honored that you're visiting us today and we are here to help you on your pursuit of creating a healthy, happy, and thriving life.

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