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14 Aromatherapy Candles for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Candles have been used for thousands of years, dating as far back as 3000 BC with the ancient Egyptians. Scented candles have been used for centuries in various rituals that promote healing, enhance the practice of meditation, and cleanse energies. Our sense of smell is said to be our strongest human sense, so candles and scents can have a profound effect on us.  A study conducted in 2009 reported that common imbalances of psychological wellbeing, such as anxiety, depression, and stress can be improved through the use of scented candles and essential oils.

Aromatherapy candles contain essential oils, which may help lower anxiety, depression, and stress. However, there has not been a ton of research done on the specific benefits of using essential oils in candles.  In this post, we will review 14 aromatherapy candles that may help relieve anxiety, depression and stress.

1. Lavender Candles

Lavender is probably one of the most popular essential oils. The benefits of using lavender oil include a calming and relaxing impact. Lavender is also deemed as a nervous system healthful aid that can assist with emotional peace, sleep, anxiety, moody behaviors, panic attacks, etc.

Lavender essential oil is one of the best essential oils for anxiety, as it can ease the symptoms that can worsen your emotional health. In fact, a study has also concluded that Lavender essential oil has a place when it comes to the treatment of anxiety disorders, making this essential oil a huge help for anxiety. There are many candle makers that use lavender, but make sure they are made with essential oils.

2. Rose Candles

Rose is a popular and elegant scent, which makes for a lovely candle. On top of that, rose essential oil is very useful when it comes to emotional response, which places it as the second-best essential oil for anxiety right behind lavender. Rose essential oil is a very strong ally when you are facing anxiety, depression, grief, and even shock.

One of the studies that were performed to help assist this, was concluded in an Irian Medical Journal that witnessed how different groups of pregnant women react when receiving rose essential oil inhalation and footbath for at least 10 minutes, while another received the rose essential oil in a 10-minute bath, the findings of this study revealed that the women who received the rose essential oil through aromatherapy and footbath experienced a reduction of anxiety during active labor.

3. Bergamot Candles

With a strange name like bergamot, does anyone really make these candles? Yes! There are quite a few candle makers who use bergamot essential oils. If you like Earl Grey tea, you will happy to know that one of the main components that make this delicious drink is Bergamot. Bergamot oil is soothing and oftentimes is used to tackle depression. This distinctive essential oil can also help to reduce stress and promote relaxation and better sleep.

Research in 2017 examined whether bergamot essential oil could have the same influence on people who were waiting in a mental health treatment room. This study concluded that Bergamot aromatherapy had a positive influence in improving mental health and overall well-being feeling.

4. Chamomile Candles

While you probably have had chamomile in the form of a tea, it can also be used in a candle through essential oils. Chamomile has been known for a long time as a calming scent, often consumed as a soothing tea. But chamomile has a bigger role in our health besides relaxing your mind and body. Chamomile can help with emotional balance, as well as aiding with the reduction of irritation, overthinking, and anxiety.

A study led at the University of Medicine in Pennsylvania found that chamomile essential oil may impact massively as an antidepressant. Chamomile oil is usually harmless, except for some little prospect of allergy, particularly to anyone who currently has ragweed allergy.

5. Frankincense Candles

Known to be a calming agent, frankincense is another unique scent for your next candle. Frankincense is great for treating depression and anxiety because it releases calming and peaceful energy. In aromatherapy, it supports quieting your mind which can also help you with managing and decrease chronic stress, for example.

There was an interesting study in Korea, that helped to understand that when mixing Frankincense with bergamot and lavender essential oils, this blend was observed to cause a positive impact on pain and depression in terminal cancer patients.

6. Clary Sage Candles

Clary sage aromatherapy candles can assist with alleviating stress by stimulating a feeling of overall well-being. Clary sage has been examined on both animals and humans to discover its inherent advantages as an antidepressant. And the results have been beyond positive.

One study that examined women who needed to undergo distressful medical tests, were able to feel relaxed and even witnessed their blood pressure drop when used Clary sage aromatherapy. Clary sage essential oils can help you to manage depression and even decrease stress. Another small study in females going through menopause found that clary sage reduced cortisol levels.

7. Lemon Balm Candles

Lemon balm aromatherapy candles have the potential to defeat stress. This very helpful essential oil triggers the creation of a neurotransmitter known as gamma-Aminobutyric acid, and this acid induces the brain to respond quickly to stress. And because anxiety is often a direct response to stress, Lemon balm essential oil can be effective alternative management of anxiety. Lemon balm possesses antimicrobial qualities that could heal some disorders associated with stress.

Lemon balm also decreases stress-related reactions such as agitation, which can be a triggering factor on anxiety. For example, a new study uncovered that lemon balm aromatherapy granted short-term stress assistance to people suffering from coronary syndrome, which is a decline of blood flow to the heart.

8. Vetiver Candles

Vetiver aromatherapy candles have a soothing, and calming steam often applied in trauma healing by inducing self-awareness, peace, and balance. A nervous system stimulant, Vetiver essential oil can help to decrease hypersensitivity, which is often experienced by someone who is suffering from an anxiety disorder. Making Vetiver essential oil incredibly helpful in shock, and panic attacks.

Further research needs to be made on the effects of Vetiver essential oil on the management of anxiety, but research made in rats, has concluded that Vetiver aromatherapy can decrease anxiety symptoms.

9. Ylang Ylang Candles

This aromatherapy candle is becoming more popular and is thought to tackle anxiety and depression thanks to its comforting and hopeful effects. Ylang-ylang essential oil promotes optimism, strength, enthusiasm while eases anxiety. It also may quiet heart disturbance and nervous trembles. Ylang-ylang also aids as a fairly powerful tranquilizer, which can support insomnia.

A 2014 study uncovered that ylang-ylang essential oil decreased anxiety and enhanced self-esteem when used as aromatherapy or even applied topically.

10. Holy Basil Candles

Holy basil aromatherapy candles may hold antidepressant and anti-anxiety qualities, that are very alike to antidepressant medications. Researchers have confirmed that it can encourage people to feel more comfortable with social encounters and feel less anxious. Holy basil is also powerful in antioxidants and supports your body to detox. Researches reveal that holy basil essential oil can shield your body from toxic elements.

There’s a reasonable number of reports that point out that holy basil essential oil can be helpful for people that have to deal with stress and anxiety. A recent study observed many cases that concluded that holy basil essential oils can help to boost your mood and decrease the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

11. Orange Blossom Candles

Orange blossom aromatherapy candles are said to hold healing powers for reducing anxiety. Even though many people often consume orange blossom as a tea, many don’t realize the soothing and tranquilizing benefits that orange blossom essential oil provides you. Orange blossom can aid you with many things, which includes better sleep, and even with certain mental issues, such as anxiety.

There’s not much research done on orange blossom essential oil, there’s one study that concludes that orange blossom helped to reduce the feelings of anxiety that women in labor commonly experience.

12. Valerian Candles

You may have had valerian tea, which has a calming and relaxing effect. Valerian essential oils (which make up Valerian aromatherapy candles) are known as “nature’s valium,” and contain Valerian acids and iridoid glycosides that create a comforting influence. Valerian helps to control the nervous system to generate anxiety-lessening results.

To our advantage, there’s quite a lot of research to support the impact of Valerian health benefits. For example, there’s a study that shown that Valerian can promote a relaxing feeling, helping with insomnia, one of the anxiety side effects. You’ll typically find candles scented with valerian and a combination of other scents.

13. Cedarwood Candles

Cedarwood aromatherapy candles are said to create a relaxing environment and provide mental clarity. Cedarwood releases a woody fragrance evocative of purely fresh air that smells like it came directly from the middle of a forest. When used for aromatherapy, cedar-wood essential oil can produce a calming and well-balanced influence.

One research study implies that the wood of cedar trees has the potential to assist with lessening the symptoms of anxiety and stress mainly due to its cedorol concentration.

14. Rhododendron Candles

Rhododendron aromatherapy candles possess a woody and herbal fragrance that can provoke a very calming and soothing feeling.

Research from 2010 concluded that rhododendron can be used as an anti-inflammatory. While a vast range of research when it comes to the benefits of rhododendron is not yet available, Himalayan aromatherapy indicates that this essential oil can promote relaxing feelings, which can battle anxiety and stress.

Final Thoughts on Using Candles for Relieving Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Essential oils used in aromatherapy candles may be a powerful tool to help manage and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Essential oils found in aromatherapy candles are a gift from nature, making them a perfect compliment to conventional medicine. The next time you experience signs of your anxiety, depression, or stress creeping in, try to pause and breathe deep.

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Anthony Bart
Author: Anthony Bart

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